Text (SMS) Message Marketing

Media spend is up 40% versus a year ago. (IAB Research) 73% of market analysts say that trend will continue for the next 5 years. (IAB Research) 86% of companies that reported ad spend in mobile in 2008 reported an increase in 2009. 3 billion phones = most widely used technology on earth. (IAB Research) 258.9 million cellular lines exist in the U.S. (Nielsen Mobile) 92% of adults in the U.S. have a cellular line. (Nielsen Mobile) 96% of cellular lines in the U.S. are capable of receiving SMS. (Nielsen Mobile.)

Appointment Reminders

SendText2me provides text appointment reminders to Doctors, Dentists, Veteranarians, Mechanics, Gyms, Trainers, Chiropractors, and more. If your company would benefit from timely arrivals, less no-shows, and happier clients, then look no further than this solution. Whether integrated into your existing appointment and scheduling software and auto-generated, or the inexpensive out-of-the box solution, the results will be dramatic in bringing a return-on-investment. Studies show that when customers are reminded with text, there is over a 10% decrease in number of missed appointments. Missed appointments for most industries means lost revenue. Do the math on an improvement of 10% in your industry, and call us today! Templates for different types of messages for different clients Scheduling features far in advance and customizable Easy-to-use interface to quickly and easily program messages Even if your customer can’t make it today, the text notification with the phone number right on the phone that is clickable will result in more notifications of cancellations, giving you time to fill that slot and still earn money.

Smart Phone Applications

We create apps for both I phones and Androids. With Smart Phone Applications you can reach a highly interactive segment of your client base and use them to drive traffic, referrals, impressions, and revenue.

Mobile Websites

Load Quickly – A website designed for mobile should load in about 4 seconds, while a desktop site can take much longer on a mobile phone because of connection speeds. Get Information NOW – Your consumers are often on the go, and need to easily and quickly be able to access the right information. Easy mCommerce – We build the site with the transaction at the forefront and make it easy. If you desire purchases – big checkout buttons, information – easy form fill-out. Whatever your goals, we help make the navigation and checkout process easy so that the ROI is measureable. Easy Navigation – Our team creates your site with big easy to push buttons, so all of your fat fingered patrons do not get frustrated and leave your site. This is a very important component of any mobile site, and the less drop-offs = more conversions. Easy Forms – Forms need to be large and clickable just like the navigation buttons. No FLASH – With the iPhone market dominating search, your site cannot have flash. Flash sited cannot be seen on Androids also. So by 2014 over half of internet searches will be done over a smartphone and you won’t be seen by those browsers. So do you want half of your clients going to the competition.

Virtual Business Cards

Virtual Business Card Never be caught in a situation where you cannot give out your business card because you don’t have one with you, forgot them in your briefcase, or simply just handed out the last one. Never give out information to someone and not get theirs in return again. The Virtual Business Card is not only environmentally friendly but is always with you. An even greater value is in the database of contacts that you build up over time as you continue to hand out the V-cards. Do you know what happens to most business cards? In the desk or in the trash, but the contact is lost forever. Step 1: Instruct them to Text (YOUR NAME) to the phone number 72727 Step 2: They get an auto-generated text right back to their phone with all of your contact information, plus a picture message with an image of your business card, logo, product, etc. Step 3: You get a text-message on your phone with their phone number. Step 4: Potential client can now easily save your information directly into their phone Step 5: Every person that texts-in for your card is in your personal database of potential business. Now you can simply log-in to the user-interface accessible from any computer and send a text blast to every person in your database reminding them of you and your brand. Example Promotions to your database that you build every single day by handing out the V-Cards: Send pictures of new products, launch parties, homes you listed, or art-work. Send video or your new commercial straight to their phone Send a text telling your database about a Facebook ONLY special, and watch as your FB grows by leaps and bounds. Send a text asking for the clients to respond with their email for a chance to Win a Prize and watch as your email database triples in no time. Tell the database Happy Holidays and stay Top-of-Mind with all of them. Branding you and yourself with 12-18 texts a year will bring dramatic increases to your business no matter your industry.

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